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T.O.M. Microfilm Reel 198

(Original Identification Reel BM-14)

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Note from the editors – only selected documents from this microfilm reel have been completely processed and presented below in cleaned and grouped format (identified by HTML links below).  The remainder of the reel is not related to the Fischer-Tropsch process, and therefore complete processing cannot be justified at this time.

We are, however, making the entire reel contents available in raw image format, although in a small number of relatively large files (rather than a very large number of small individual images).  Anyone interested in pursuing the non-FT related material on this reel may find the document in these larger raw files.

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The following reports written by members of technical missions to Germany have been reproduced on this reel and appear in alphabetical order by authors.

Fischer-Tropsch unit at Leipzig Gas Works.  By W. A. Horne, J. P. Jones.  1945.  10 pages.       XXVII-68       30

Wirtschaftliche Forschungs G.m.b.H. Stassfurt and Bad Berka.  By D. A. Howes, J. G. Allen, H. Schindler.  1945.  7 p.       XXVI-5       30

I. G. Farbenindustrie A. G. Nitrogen Fixation Plant, Leuna, Germany.  By R. M. Hunter. 10 May 1945.  6 p. fold diagr.       XXIII-21       22

Edeleanu G. m. b. H., Altenburg, Germany.  By J. P. Jones.  73 p.  diagrs.  Drawings added: Chain Type Cellular Filter (AS-12450) (10-10690); and Scheme of Chain Type Filter (50-11825)       XXXI-85       30

Schaumkohle (Foam – Coal) and Dr. Heinrich Schmitt – Werke, K. G. 7.  By J. P. Jones, R. A. A. Taylor, F. A. Williams.  11 July 1945 8 p.       XXX-12       30

I. G. Farbenindustrie A. G., Ludwigshafen and Oppau am Rhein.  By J. G. Kern, R. L. Murray, R. W. Sudhoff.  1945.  96 pages.       XXVII-85       22

Interrogation of German scientific personnel I. G. Farbenindustrie A. G., Ludwigshafen.  By P. K. Kuhne.  March 25-31, 1945.  32 pages.       XXV-49       30

Bayerische Motor Werke (BMW).  By H. A. Liebhafsky, R. H. Norris, E. H. Hull, E. H. 12 May, 19 June, 1945.  10 p. illus.       XXVI-83       5

Coal extraction plant of Ruhrol G.m.b.H. at the Hugo Stinnes Werke of Mathias Stinnes Gewerkschaft in Wilheim near Bottrop i. w.  By H. H. Lowry, H. J. Rose.  1945.   10 p.       XXXI-27       30

Krupp-Lurgi low temperature carbonization plant of Fried-Krupp A. G., at Wanne-Eickel near Bochum.  By H. H. Lowry, H. J. Rose.  1945.  8 p.       XXXI-30       30

German carbide, cyanamide and cyanide industry.  By W. G. Mcburney, G. W. Sinclair, H. S. Sutherland.  1945.  42 p. illus.       XXVII-92       22

The arc process for acetylene production.  By M. G. Morrow.  1945.   11 p.       XX-83       22

The Wesseling synthetic fuel plant.  By L. H. Mulit, R. C. Aldrich.  1945.  155 p. diagrs.       XXVII-60       30

Interrogation of Dr. Haberland.  Director of I. G. Factories on Lower Rhine.  By M. S. Mumford. 1945.   7 p.       XXXII-11       22

Diesel engine research and development in Germany during the war and pre-war period.  By G. Murphy.  7 p.       XXV-28       26 & 29

Thyssen’sche Gas und Wasserwerke G.m.b.H., Duisburg-Hamborn and Krupp Treibstoffwork, Wanne-Eickel Thyssen-Galocsy gas producer.  By L. L. Newman.  1945.  20 pages.       XXIX-51       30

Deutsche Erdolaktiengesellschaft Erdolwerke “Nova” Dachs II Plant, Ebensee, Austria.  By L. L. Newman, H. M. Weir.  1945.  9 p.  diagrs.       XXVIII-57       30

Wirtschaftliche Forschungsegellschaft, m.b.H.  Aussenstelle Munchen I (WIFO I) Stockdorf near Munich.  By L. L. Newman, H. M. Weir.  1945.  4 p.       XXV-4       30

French oil shale industry.  By W. W. Odell, E. L. Baldeschwieler.  1945.  9 p.       XXVI-78       30

Oil targets in Ruhr and Hanover areas.  By J. A. Oriel.  1945.  24 pages.       XXIII-16       30

Dach I lubricating oil plant, Porta, Germany.  By J. A. Oriel, W. A. Horne, J. P. Jones.  1945. 8 p.  diagr.       XXVI-87       30

Report of investigation and inspection of the high-pressure hydrogenation plant especially for brown coals at Wesseling, near Cologne, Germany.  By J. A. Oriel, J. H. Jones, H. M.  Weir.  1945.  150 p. illus.       XXVIII-40       30

I. G. Farbenindustrie-Hoechst, Germany.  By R. J. Ozol, C. C. Chaffe.  1945.  11 pages.       XXX-10       22

Synthetic rubber plant, Ludwigshafen.  By P. D. Patterson.  14 p. diagrs,       XIX-1       22

Report on production of fatty acids from by products of the Fischer-Tropsch process.  By P. L. Pavcek.  3 pages.       XXVII-35       22

Report on H. Koppers G. m.b. H., Essen.  By E. B. Peck.  1945.  9 pages.       XXVIII-36       30

Report on technical assistance on synthetic oils rendered the Japanese by the I. G. Farben-industrie A. G.  By E. B. Peck, I. H. Jones.  1945.  15 pages.       XXX-34       30

Gas utilities in Germany.  By B. V. Pfeiffer, C. A. Getz, A. Osborne.  1945.  39 pages.       XXXII-52       33

Chemical industries in Belgium and France during German occupation. By H. J. Phelps. V-30 and September 21st-October 4th, 1944.  55 p.       XXII-18       2 & 22

Lubricants manufactured and used by Zeiss in Jena, Germany.  By T. J. Rennekamp. 28 August 1945.  5 p.  diagr.       XXIX-40       9

I. G. Farbenindustrie A. G., Hochst am Main.  By R. E. Richardson, J. G. Kern, R. L. Murray, R. W. Sudhoff.  1945.  84 p. illus.       XXVI-11       22

Synthetic emulsifying agents, wetting agents, detergents, and soap substitutes, I. G. Farben-industrie A. G., Hochst/Main, Germany.  By R. E. Richardson, J. G. Kern, R. L. Murray, R. W. Sudhoff.  1945.  39 p. diagr.       XXVI-2       22

Preparation of “Alkazid” M and DIK.  By F. H. Roberts.  1945.  7 p.       XXX-6       22

Synthesis of acetone.  By F. H. Roberts.  1945.  4 p.       XXX-2       22

Synthetic lubricating oils.  By F. H. Roberts.  1945.  3 p.       XXX-5       22

The preparation of formamide as an intermediate for acrylonitril production and acrylonitril from acetylene.  By F. H. Roberts.  1945.  3 p.       XXX-4       22

The preparation of tetrahydrofuran polymers as a synthetic lubricant for metals.  By F. H. Roberts. 1945.  8 p.       XXX-70       30