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B. I. O. S. Final Report No 1038
Item No. 30

Ruhrchemie A.G. Sterkrade-Holten, Near Oberhausen, Ruhr

Table of Contents

Cover Page

Title Page


  1. Object of Investigation
  2. Personnel Interrogated
  3. Return of Evacuated Documents
  4. Catalysts made by Ruhrchemie
  5. Pelleting and Grading of Catalysts
    1. The standard process
    2. The “Kornmuhle” process
    3. The Buttner Drum, or “Schiffchen” process
    4. Dry Pressing of catalysts
  6. Organic Sulphur Removal
  7. The Production Of Acetylene And Cyanides
    1. Summary
    2. General
    3. High temperature stage
    4. Separation of acetylene
    5. Power and material requirements
    6. Production of cyanides
  8. The Production of Ethylene

    Flow Diagram of Scrubbing Process.

    Personnel of Team

    F. J. Dent, Ministry of Fuel and Power
    L.J. Jolley, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research
    L. A. Moignard, Ministry of Fuel and Power
    A. R. Morcom, Ministry of Fuel and Power