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The Wintershall-Schmalfeldt Process
for the Manufacture of Synthesis Gas at Lutzkendorf

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Title Page



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Personnel 1
General Information on the Factory 2
Air-Raid Damage 3
Standards of Measurement 3
General Information on the Process 3
Main Features of the Performances 4
Description of the Plant 5
Coal Preparation 5
Gas Drier 6
Dust Separation and Handling. 6
Regenerators 7
First & Second Generators: Gasification Times 9
Washers 10
Blower and Control House 10
Pressures 10
Control of H2/CO Ratio 11
Synthesis Gas Analysis 11
Dust Losses and Carbon Balances 11
Outage 12
Producer Gas Plant 12
Coal Drying Plant 14
Purchased Coal Dust 14
Labour 14

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Sulphur and Fischer-Tropsch Difficulties 15
Raw Materials and Services 16
Comparison of Schmalfeldt Process with Winkler Generators 18

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Appendix 1: Carbon Balances 22
Appendix 2: Material Balances 24
Appendix 3: Dust Losses 30
References 33

List of Figures

Fig.1A. Plant View and Rough Layout of Synthesis Gas Unit
Fig.1B. Synthesis Gas Unit
Fig.2. Flowsheet for Synthesis Gas Unit
Fig.3. General View of Synthesis Gas Plant
Fig.4A. Didier Brick for Regenerators
Fig.4B. Top of 1st Generator
Fig.4C. Section of Washer
Fig.5. Rough Layout of Producer Gas Unit
Fig.6. Flowsheet for Producer Gas Unit

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