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ACRONAL 1,2,4  (Hasche and Boundy)  Dispersion of mixed polymer of 1 part methyl acrylate, 2 parts ethyl acrylate and 4 parts of n-butyl acrylate.

ACRONAL Bi (10,20, etc.)  Mixed polymer from acryl nitrate and the indicated proportion of maleic acid isobutyl ester.

ACRONAL 500-D (Hasche and Boundy)  Copolymer of 50% butyl acrylate, 50% vinyl acetate, with 2% free acrylic acid needed.  Used for waterproofing textiles.  Emulsified with ammonia and used as a paint.

ACRONAL V6  Mixed polymer from equal parts of methyl acrylate and isohexylic acid vinyl ester.

ACRONAL V26  Mixed Polymer from vinyl acetate and isohexylic acid vinyl ester (1-1) equal parts.

ADIPINSÄURESESTER  The methyl ester.

AGLUTOL 5 Softeners made from lump glucose (Brockenglukose)


AKARDIT II  A stabilizer made from diphenylamine, phosgene, and methylamine.

ALAL (Ref  CWS 3994)  A liquid catalyst used in preparing ethyl acetaldehyde.

ALBERTOL  (Ref CWS 399)  Phenolic resins made by the chemische Werks Albert

ALIPAL (Ref CWS 3996)  Soap substitute

ALIPAL CI 35% (Ref CWS 3996)

ALIPAL D 35%  (Ref CWS 3996)

ALIPON OAN 70% sodium salts of ester from the chloride of oxidized fatty acids plus 2 to 4% of soap plus salt.

ALKYDAL K1397, K1388, 1-4, K1365, Lk339/4, K1339/5, K1328/1, K1339/2.  All made frm phthalic acid and glycerine, with various oils such as "Tallöl", "Lëinol" "Holzöl" etc.  They are the raw materials for various resins.

ALKYDAL Kn 67/XIII  Made from paraffin oxydation fatty acids trimethylol propane, phthalic acid and adipinic acid.

ALKYDON 50 )  Raw materials for lac synthetics made from "Sardineutrau".


AMIN T32  4 amino-n-oxethyl ethyl aniline 180 - a photographic developer.

AMIDONITROPAME Sodium salt of 1 amino, 4 nitroanthrachinone-2 sulphonic acid.

AMILIN 5  2 amido, 5 naphthol, 7 sulphonic acid.

APPRETAN H  (Hasche)  Polyvinyl acetate 95%, crotonaldehyde 5% in solution in alcohol, with ammonia added to added to for m emulsion.  Used as lacquer and as stiffener for hats.

APPRETAN M A dye emulsion.

APPRETAN P  Sodium salt of compound.

ARIGINAL (Ref CWS 4001)  Methyl formate insecticide.

ARUBREN A fire extinguisher made from "Pergut", "Chlophen" and "Niprewachs".

ARUBREN  (Nibrenswacher RN 88)  Used in rubber industry.

ASPLIT    (Ref CWS 4004) 

ASPLIT A (Ref CWS 4004)

ASPLIT EI (Ref CWS 4004)


AZAMIN  2,4,6, triamino 1,3,5 Eriazin (melamine)

B STOFF OR L.B. STOFF  Hydrazine hydrate


BARDIONAL  (Ref  CWS 3756) Sulfathiourea

BINDEMITTEL -  AG3 - Trimethylol acetoguanamine

AG4 - Tetramethylol acetoguanamine

TL2 - condensation product of 2 amino, 4 methyl, thozol, formaldehyde and butanol.

BINDEMITTEL 28  (Desmophen 900) (Ref 22-22-16)  Polyester of 4.2 mols of trimethylol propane and 3 mols of adipinic acid.

BINDEMITTEL 28H  Corresponding ester.

BINDEMITTEL 38  Po;yester of trimethylol propane, adipinic acid anneydride.

BLADAN  (Ref CWS 3756,3892)  Insecticide (C2H5O)2OP)XPO

BRAUN-ANIL  4-5 benzo, 3 oxy-thionaphthene, 2 (p-dimethylonnido) aniline

BS-EMULSION 1/1  A binder made form a 1 to 1 mixture of acrylic acid butyl ester and styrol.

BUNA CHEMICALS  Alkydal 149/3, OKC-Harz, Trithinol roh flüssig (1,2,4, trichlor, 6 phenol)

BUNA S-111  First quality bunas as made at Ludwigshafen

BUNA S-V Offgrade buna s

BUNA S-A  Buna scrap

BUNALIT  Chlorinated buna S

BUTYLWEICHMACHER  N-butylamide of benzolsulphonic acid.

C ACID  Crotonic acid

C OR J2R STOFF  Hydrazine hydrate in methanol-water solution.

CARBOXYSAÜRE 1 carbethoxyamine, 7 naphthol, 3 sulphonic acid

CAS TRIX (Ref CWS 3892)  Rat poison.

CELLON (Ref CWS 3937)  A cellulose acetate product used for gas masks.

CERESAN (Ref CWA 9001)  Insect repellant, active principle is ethoxy ethyl mercuric phosphate.

CLOPHENEARZ ROH NEUTRAL   Crude heptachlor terphenyl.

COHAERIT (Bindmittel Li 160)  Condensation product of trimethylol propane, hexantriol and adipinic acid.

COLORESIN  (Ref CWS 3996)  Cellulose O-CH2  COONa

CORIALÖL K  Solution of the dye in methyl alcohols.

COSAL W (400)  Emulsion of the dye.

COSIALGRUND N      Sodium salt of the dye.


All these are synthetic lac materials made from crotonic acid. esters.  The M indicates methyl, A the ethyl ester, B is butadiene Bb is butadiene and the butyl ester, VC is vinyl chloride, AM is acrylic acid, S ethyl ester,  AAM is the acrylic acid ethyl ester, the St is styrene; as an example, Crovolit MST, is a mixed polymer of 25% Crotonic acid methyl ester with 75% of styrene.

CYOMYL 3,4  dicyandiphenyl.

CYSTOGAN (Ref CWS 4001)  (CH3)2 NCSSNH2 (CH3)2 Insecticide.

FORBIAT  Insecticide with same active principle as Cystogan.

Dl2l0  (Ref CWS 3832)  Mixture of w-chlormethyl phenyl-sulphone and 3,4 dichlorbenzyl alcohol.  Bedbug killer.

DELLATOL Mixture of 75% "Weichmacher MMA" and 25% "Butyl-Weichmacher".

DENSOEDRIN  (Hasche and Boundy)  A low mol. wt. polymer of vinyl isobutyl ether.  Used in waterproofing.

DENSODRIN NH        )  Poly-beta-dekalol vinyl ether.


DESODRIN V            )

I.G.WACHS V  )  "Wax alcohol" vinyl ether.

DESODRIN  W  Mixed polymer from vinyl octodecyl ether and vinyl coconut oil ether.

DESMODUR H  (Ref. 22-22-16)  Hexamthylene di-isocyanate.

DESMODUR R (Ref 22-22-16)  Triphenylmethane-p-tri-isocyanate.

DESMODUR T (Ref 22-22-16)  Toluene di-isocyanate.

DESMOPHEN 0-0  Polyester of oxalic acid and "hexantroil".

DESMOPHEN 800S Polyester of trimethylol propane with adipinic and phthalic acids.

DESMOPHEN 100  A condensation product of 3 mols of adipinic acid 2 mols of 1-4 butylene glycol with with 2 mols of Hexantriol H or trimethylolpropane.

DESMOPHEN  300 HH  Condensation product of "XF OIL" and "Desmophen 900 HH"

DESMOPHEN  900 (Bindemittel 28) (Ref 22-22-16)  Ester of 3 mols of adipinic acid and 4.2 mols of trimethylol propane.

DESMOPHEN 1100  Polyester of 3 mols. adipic acid 2 mols 1,4, butylene glycol and 2 mols of trimethylol propane.

DESMOPHEN  1200  (Ref 22-22-16)  Polyester from 3 mols. adipic acid, 3 mols 1,4, butanediol and 1 mol trimethylol propane.

DESMODUR T  Toluene di-isocyomate.

DESMODUR H  Hexamethylene di-isocyanate OCN (CH2)6 NCO.

DESMOSIT C (ref 22-22-16)  1 chlorophenylene - 2,4 di-isocyanate

DESMOSIT O  Polyhexamethylene di-isocyanate.  A glue material

DESMOSIT T 1-2-4 toluylene di-isocyanate.

DICHLORD NITROCARBAZOLE FEUCHT  1-8 dichlor 3-6 dinitrocarbazole.  An insecticide.

DIKRESYLMETHAN S  A 50% solution in styrene of a resin from phanol oil and formaldehyde.

DIMULGEN  A demulsifying agent.

DISMULGAN III (Ref CWS 3996)  Emulsion breaking agent.

DISMULGAN IV  The sulphuric acid ester of oleic acid am ethyl-anilide.

DITHIOSALZ  Sodium dithiodiglycolate.

DOLANIN 1-methyl, 4 phenylpiperdin, 4 carbonic acid ethyl ester.  An analgesic used in obstetrics.

EULAN  (Ref CWS 3892)  Moth repellants.


EULAN MK (Ref CWS 3892)


EULAN CN  A moth repellant.  Sodium salt of 4,3', 5', 3", 5", pentachor 6,6" dioxytriphenyl methane 2 sulphonic acid.

ELEUDRON SALZ  4 amino benzene sulphamino thiazol.

ELEUDRON  (Ref CWS 3756)

EMULPHOR  Emulsifying agent.




EMULSION MU  Made from vinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol.  10% solution.

EMULSION 614 Made from same as above.

EMULSION 683  Made from vinyl acetate and "amphoseife".

EMULSION L:355  Polymer from acrylic acidethyl ester, vinyl isobutryric ether and styrene.

EMULSION MVIW  Made from vinyl acetate, polyvinyl, alcohol and "Palatinol C".

EMP 58/6  Softening material made from polymerized acrylic acid ethyl ester and vinyl ethyl ester and vinyl ethyl ether

ESHALIT            )  Tar acid resins made by Siemens-Schuckert, Werke, A.G.

ETROL  (Ref CWS 3994)  Ethyl acetate

EXPYROL Z  A fireproofing agent made from ammonium sulphate

F-GELBKÖRPER  Difurfurilidene acetone.  A glycerine substitute.


FLOTOL A  Crude termpentine oil sulphate

FORMOSE  A sugar-like condensation product from formaldehyde.

FRIGEN  Dichlorodifluemethane I.G. Farbenindustrie



GALLOPHENIN HB BASE  1 oxy-3 anilido-5 methyl-7 dieksylammido-2 phenoxazon -4 carbonamide

GELEVAN  Chlorinated Mepasin".

GERBSTOFF B'S  A tanning material made by condensing a mixture of brenzcatechin and homobrenzcatechin with sodium bisulphite and formaldehyde.

GERBSTOFF BO  Condensation product of benzene (40°) and oxybutane disulphonic acid with "formal dehyd"

GERBSTOFF KN  Condensation product of sulphonated beta-naphthalene with eresol and formaldehyde.

GERBSTOFF  NR  Condensation product of a naphthalynic acid and benzene (40%) with formaldehyde.

GESAROL  German name for DDT  (Ref CWS 3892)

GM-1  (Ref CWS 3997)  Nitrous oxide

GP 4243  (Ref CWS 3892) Active principle is p-dimethylamino phenyl diazo sodium sulphonate, (CH3) 2N  N- N-SO3N

HARNSTOFF BR  1 methoxy, 2 ethoxy,  5 phenyl, 1 thourea

HOSTALON O B (MOWITAL)  Polyvinyl alcohols with cyclohexanone and acetaldehyde or partly acetalized butyraldehyde.

HYDRO  Hydrazo diaarbonic acid di-ethyl ester.

IDONIT  A tar acid resin.  See Bakelit.

IGAMID A  (Ref 22-22-7)  Equivalent of American Nylon.

IGAMID B  (Ref 22-22-7)  A nylon-like material made from amino caproic acid.

IGAMID BS  (Ref 22-22-7)  Of lower mol. wt. than Igamid B, developed for tire cord.

IGAMID CA  (Ref 22-22-7)  A mixture of Igamid A and B interpolymerized.

IGAMID U  (Ref 22-22-16)  A polyurethane of 1,6 hexamethylene di-isocyanate (Desmodur H) 1,4 butenedol in monochorobenzene and o-dichlorobenzene.

IGANIL  Aniline formaldehyde resin.

IGENIT MP  Polymer of 80 parts vinyl chloride, 10 parts dimethyl maleic acid ester, 10 parts diethyl maleic acid ester.  Other esters of maleic acid may be used.

IGELIT MP-A  80 parts vinyl chloride polymerized with 20 parts dimethyl maleic acid ester.  Stabilized with sodium carbonate and pressed into sheets.  sold under trade name "Astralon".

IGELIT MP-D  Same as MP-K except emulsifier removed.  Used  for dentures.

IGELIT MP-K  Copolymer of 80 parts vinyl chloride and 20 parts methyl acrylate.  Cable covering.

IGELIT MP-AK  Used in making battery jars.

IGELIT MP-S  60 parts vinyl chloride polymerized with 40 parts vinyl acetate.

IGELIT MP-400  Copolymer of equal parts of vinyl chloride  and vinyl isobutyl extra.

IGELIT PC  (Same as vinoflex) Rechlorinated polyvinyl chloride (55% Cl)  Basis for preparing "Vinidur".

IGELIT   V2, V6, 10JB,  MM, K, DC, Cl.  These are all mixed vinyl polymers.  V2 is vinyl acetate with vinyl chloride; V6 is vinyl chloride with isohexylic acid vinyl ester;  10 JB is 86 parts of vinyl chloride polymerized with 14 parts of Leuna isobutyl ester;  MMis form vinyl chloride with MM ester (50:50); the K is from vinyl chloride with vinyl methyl (80-20); the DC is vinyl chloride with ethylene glycol dicrotonate (80-20); Cl is vinyl chloride with 0.5% of symetrical dichorethylene.

IGELIT VB 10  A mixed polymer of 86 parts vinyl chloride and 14 parts acrylic acid butyl ester.

IGELIT (VH) MPTYP  Polymer of vinyl chloride, acrylic ester, maleic ester, etc.

IGELIT VV  A synthetic lac bonding material made from 1 part vinyl chloride and 1 part vinyl acetate.

IGEPAL B,C,F,M,W,etc  (Ref CWS 3996) Washing materials.  Typical formula:  CH3 (CH2)11C6H4OCH2CH2O CH2O CH2O CH2O CH2O SO2

IGEPONS  Water conditioning chemicals emulsifiers etc. made from sodium sulphonates of aliphatic glycols.


IGEPON T  (Ref CWS 3996)  Essentially the sodium salt of oleyl methyl t aride.

IGEPON AP EXTRA CONC  (Ref 22-23-9)  Sodium salt of the Oleylester of oxy-ethane sulphonic acid containing very little salt.  C17H35COOCH2 CH2 SO3 Na

IGETEX  Igetex S is a 30% dispersion or Buna S

IGEVIN A  Polyvinyl ethyl ether.

IGEVIN D  Poly-beta-dekalol vinyl ether.  Apparently same as Densodrin NH and I.G. Wachs NH.

IGEVIN D J  Mixed polymer from vinyl isobutyl and dekolol vinyl ether.

IGEVIN J  Polyvinyl isobutyl ether

IGEVIN M     Polyvinyl methyl ether


  • Gralit          Brassisan
  • Nosprasit    Bulbosan
  • Vitigran       Tristisan
  • Nitrosan      Dizan
  • Nikopren    Grodyl
  • Venetan       Raupenleim
  • Brassikol     Gix   

INTRAVAN BK  Fireproofing material made from ammonium sulphate.

INTRAVAN NK  A fireproofing chemical made from diammonium phosphate.

INTRAVAN U.  A fireproofing material made from zinc hydroxide slurry.

IPORNA  Urea formaldehyde foam used as insulation  D15 Kq/cu.m.  K=0.22  (U.S. units)  Destroyed by heat but will not support combustion.

KARBIDSPRIT  Acetaldehyde.

KAURIT MKF  (Ref CWS 3957)  Essentially tetramethylol melamine.

KLEBELÖSUNG V 80E  Solution of "Desmophen 800 HH in ethyl acetate.

KLEBEMITTEL TN      A collar stiffener (starch) made from vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride in proportion of 70-30.

KOGASIN (Ref CWS 3828)  Fischer-Tropsch fraction boiling in range 230-330°C.  Straight chain hydrocarbon mixture with average of 15 carbon atoms per molecule.

KORESIN  (Ref CWS 22-22-7)  Polymer made from acetylene and p-isobutyl phenol.

KONDENSITE  A tar acid resin.  See Bakelit.

KUNSTHARZ G143  Made from phthalic acid, glycerine and adipinic acid.

KUNSTHARZ UX  A shellac substitute made from croton aldehyde and acetic aldehyde.



LATEKOLL  Ammonium salt of polyacrylic acid - A thickener for latex

LAUSETO-alt  (Ref CWS 3756, 3892)  An analog of DDT made with 1 mol of chlorbenzol and1 mol of benzol combined with chloral in presence of slphuric acid.

LAUSETO NEU  (Ref  CWS 3756, 3892)   Cl-C6H4 SO2CH Cl


LEDERÖL 265  Condensation product of di-ethylbenzene and formaldehyde.

LEDERÖL 266  Ethylated product from Leuna alcohol (160-180°) with "Weichharz XF".  The "Weidhharz XF" is a condensation product of Xylol and formaldehyde.

LENOROL ROYH  Mixture of mono-acid dipropyl dichorbenzene.

Li lo  A fllor coating made by polymerizing methyl ethyl vinyl ether and di-ethylene glycol di-vinyl ether with subsequent addition of a resin.

LINAX  A tar acid resin made by Siemen-Schnckert.

LUCEX  (Ref CWS 3756, 3892)  Insecticide produced by ethylating chlorbenzene and chlorinating the side chain in light.

LUCYONAL  (With various designations)  Mixed polymers used in making lacquers and other synthetics.

LUCRONAL JFM  (50-30-20 etc)  Polymer from isobutylene or vinyl chloride with the indicated proportion of fumaric acid dimethyl ester.


**  All these are apparently polyacrylic acid methyl ester.  The  I refers to carbon atoms.


LUPOLEN N (I.G. WACHS A)  A relatively low molecular weight polyethylene.

LUPRENAL  Mixed condensation product of adipinic acid, trimethylol propane and urea, formaldehyde resin.



LUTONAL 13 AND 5   Polyvinyl isobutyl isobutyl ether.  If  a number is given in the name, this is K value



LUTONAL MW      Mixed polymer from vinyl methyl ether plus "wax alcohol" vinyl ether.

LUPAMID A (Igamid A)  Condensation product of adipinic acid and hexamethylene diamine.

LUPAMID 13  (Perluran, Igamid 13)  Condensation product of e-aminocapronic lactam.

LUAPMID 6A  Igamid 6A)  Mixed condensation product from hexamethylene, adipinic acid plus e-aminocapronic acid lactam (LuranN)

LUPAMID 5A  (Igamid 5A)  Mixed condensation product from hexamethylene, adipinate and caprol lactam.

LUPAMID 85B, 70B, (Igamid  85B, 70B)  Mixed polymer from e-amino-pactam plus ketopimelinic acid hexamethyl diamine.

LURAN N  E-aminocapronic acid lactam

LURISIN F PT  Condensate of ammonium sulphate, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

LUVICAN   Name used either for polyvinyl carbozole or a mixed polymer with styrene.

LUVIMAL  (With various designations) All are polymers of vinyl chloride with various other materials.  The number in the name indicates the percentage of the second component.  LL 10-20-30 etc. is the mixed polymer of vinyl chloride with maleic and "Lenua" ester.  AG (10,15, etc) is with maleic ethyl glycol ester. BG (10,15 etc) is with maleic butyl glycol ester.  MM (10,15, etc) is with maleic methyl ester.

LUVIMAL  (with various designatons)  Mixed polymers in which vinyl chloride used as one of raw materials.  Used in making lacquer and other synthetics.

 LUVIMAL FM 20, FJB 20 FMG 20.  Made from 80 parts vinyl chloride polymerized with 20 parts of FM, ie, fumaric aid methyl ester; of FMG, ie, fumaric acid methyl glycol ester; of FB, ie, fumaric acid butyl ester; or of FJB, ie, fumaric acid isobutyl ester.

LUVIMAL MG  Mixed polymer from 80 parts vinyl chloride and 20 parts maleic acid methyl glycol ester.

LUVIMAL BI (10,15 ETC)  Mixed polymer from vinyl chloride with indicated parts of maleic acid isobutylester.  Luvimal B is frm butyl instead of isobutyl ester. 

LUVIMAL JP 18  Made from 82 parts of vinyl chloride and 18 parts of maleic acid di-isopropyl ester.

LUVIGAN  Polymerized vinyl carbazole m.p. plus 200°C, M150 is pure polyvinyl carbazole.  M125 is vinyl carbazole polymerized with small protortion of stryrene.  M100 is vinyl carbazole polymerized with 20% styrene.

LUVINIT  A paint material made from 1 to 1 mixture of acrylic acid methyl ester and isohexylic acid vinyl ester.

LUZIMAL B2  (10,20 etc)  Mixed polymer from vinyl chloride and indicated proportion of maleic acid benzyl ester.

MADIALAN A  (Ref  CWS 3996)  Essentially the sodium salt of the condensation product of oleyl chloride and saracosine.

MAPRENAL A.G.  A 66% solution of isobutylene of a condensation product of one benzoguaname with four molecules of formaldehyde.

MAPRENAL MJB  (Ref CWS 3957)  Condensate of melamine and formaldehyde in butanol.

MAPRENAL BG  (Ref CWS 3957)   Condensate of benzaguanamine with formaldehyde;


MAPASIN  Resin of the phenol - formaldehyde type

ME 1700  (Ref CWS 3756) (3892) (Cl-C6H4)2 CH CH Cl2

MEPASIN (Ref CWS 3996)   Intermediate made from Kogasin II and subsequently converted to Mersol.

MEPRANOL  Melamine-formaldehyde condensation product.  I.G.Farb.

MARKAPTO E  Mercaptobenzene thiazol for "Englebert" shaped with Bulkazit DM.

MERSOL (Ref CWS 3996)  Raw material for making mersolates, which is a soap substitute.  Mersol is made from Kogasin II, which is one of the higher boiling factions of the Fischer-Tropsch oil.

METHYL STOFF  (Ref CWS 3997)  Aluminum chloromethyl.

MIPOLAM (Ref 22-21-3)  Several types:

  1. Plasticized polyvinyl chloride
  2. Copolymers of Polyvinyl chloride and acrylic esters
  3. Polyvinyl chloride and maleic esters.

MITTEL MA 20%  Made from acetocyanhydride.

MITTEL S NA 100%  A polymer made by the sodium polymerization of acrylic acid.

MORPHOLON 3,4,3',4' dimorpholin diphenyl.

MOSQUITO REPELLENT 50/181  (Ref CWS 3892) Trichloracetyl, chlorethylamines, C Cl3CONHC2H4CL

MOWILITH  20,30,50,70,90  (Ref CWS 4004)

MOWILITH  20,30,50,70,90 etc. (Hasche)  Polymers of vinyl acetate with various proportions of proprion-aldehyde.  The 20 and 30 varieties are mass polymers, the 50,70,90, are emulsions polymers, the emulsifying agent being a low polymer sodium polyacrylate or polystryene.

MOWILITH A B (Hasche)  Emulsion polymer of 85% polyvinyl acetate and 15% polyvinyl  benzoate .  Use as a water repellant in treating paper.

MOWILITH ABC  (Hasche)  Polyvinyl acetate 81%, polyvinyl benzoate 15%, crotonic acid 4%.  Mixed with pehnol and used in coating tin cans.

MOWILITY D 300 (Hasche)  Copolymer of 70% vinyl acetate and 30% vinyl chloride.  Emulsion in water, compounded with pigments and plasticizer, used as washable paint. 

MOWITAL  (Ref CWS 4004)


*These are all made from Mowiliths, the first letter indicating the Mowilith used.  The second letter refers to aldehyde used, i.e., F is formaldehyde; A is acetaldehyde;  B is butyraldehyde; E is a Mowilith emulsion.

NEKAL  Sodium dibutyl naphthalene suphonate, emulsifying agent used in compounding rubber.

NEKAL BX  (Ref CWS 3829)

NETZMITTEL A  (Intravan A)  Sodium isohexylate, a fire protection material.

NEUTRIGAN  Used in tanning.  Tamol K, used in tanning.

NIBRENWACHS D 130 L II  Hexachlor naphthalene mixed with Luvican - molding material.

NIBRENWACES R N 88  Crude tetrachlornaphthalene.

NITRACYL  4 nitro, p-aceto, diphenyl.

NITRIL A H Z   M-amido cinnamic acid nitrile.

NITRIL M G U An oil resisting material made by polymerizing equal parts of acrylic acid nitrile and methyl glycol vinyl.

NITRIL N H Z  m-nitro-a-chlorhydrocinnamic acid nitrile.

NITRILE V6  An oil resisting polymer made from equal parts of acrylic acid nitrile and isohexylic acid vinyl ester.

NITROSO T32  4 Nitroso-mo-oxothyl ethyl aniline chlorohydrate 194.

NITRYLÄURE  P P' nitrodiphenyl carbonic acid.



OPM-HARZ  Condensation product of dipentene with phenol.

OPPANOL B  Polyisobutylene.

OPPANOL C   Polyvinyl isobutyl ether.

OPPANOL U  Isobutylene copolymerized with isoprene of butadiene.

ORCINOL  An emulsifying agent from a mixture of crude alcohols, C8 to C16 I.G. Farben.

P B N (Ref 22-22-7)  Phenyl beta-naphthylamine.  An anti-oxidant.


PALAMOLL   Polymer of fumaric aicd diethyl ester plus butadiene.

PAPER CHEMICALS  Papierleim A, B, etc.  Harz 3925.

PARALEUKANILIN   4-4'-4" - triamido triphenyl methane.

PBN  Phenyl-beta-naphthylamine.

PEPREN  An isomerized natural rubber.

PERBUNAN  Mixed polymer of 75 parts butadiene and 25 parts acrylic acid nitrile.


PERDURAN G  BB' dichordiethyl ether cndensed with Na2S4.

PERDURAN  H  Dichloroierthyl formaldehyde hydracetal plus Na2S4.

PERFUROL  Made from methylene chloride.

PERLON  Perlon B is probably same as Igamid B, I.E., a variety of nylon.

PERVINAN  Polymer of vinyl chloride with vinyl acetate or maleic ester.

PERISTON  A synthetic material used as blood plasma


PHOSPHOSRITAN  Tri phenyl triphenyl methyl phosphonium chloride


PLASTIKATOR 32  A sodium polymerized butadiene as is also Buna 85

PLASTIKATOR 88  The butyl ester of methylene dithioglycolic acid

PLASTOMOLL SW  Vinyl methyl ether.

PLASTOROBB UKK  A softener made from coal tar.


**These are all emulsions of vinyl isobutyl ether, methyl acrylate with acrylnitrite.

POLMIN  Aqueous solution of polyethylene amine.

POLYAL  (50 und 90)  Polyvinyl alcohols

POLYSOLVAN (with various designations)  All are solvents as the name suggests.

POLYSOLVAN AO  A lac solvent made from chloracetic acid and polysolvan A.

POLYSOLVAN HS  Made from isobutyl oil (Leuna oil)

POLYSOLVAN A  Made from isoamyl alcohol.

POLYSOLVAN J  Made from crude  isobutyl alcohol.

POLYSTAL  (Ref 22-22-16)  Adhesives made from Desmodur T and Desmophen 1200 used in making plywood.

POLYSTAL H 1  Solution of Desmophen 900 in acetic ester.

POLYSTYROL E H  Made from 50 parts styrol, 25 parts acryl nitrite and 25 parts of vinyl carbazole.

POLYSTYROL EN  (70-30)  Made from 70 parts styrol and 30 parts acryl nitrile.

POLYSTYROL 30B  Made from styrene monomer with acrylic acid butyl ester.

POLYURETHAN 4153 B  (Igamid U)  Condensation product from hexandi isocyanate and 1,4 butylene glycol.

POROFOR 505A  Azo dicarbonamide

POROFOR 476  Azo dicarbonic acid di-ethyl ester.  Used in buna.

POVIMAL  (with various designations)  Polymers used as additions to acetate silk and other synthetics

PROVIMAL A E, MA, AA  All made from maleic acid anhydride with AE for vinyl formate, MA for vinyl methyl ether.  AA for vinyl ethyl ether.

PROVIMAL C  Mixed polymer of maleic anydride and vinyl chloride.

PROVIMAL St  Same as Povimal C except that styrene is used instead of vinyl chloride..

PROVIMAL EE  Made from vinyl acetate and maleic acid anhydride.  Used in making Provimal silk.

PVA-OEL  (K-wert 21-14)  Made from vinyl ethyl ether.

PVJ OEL  Made from vinyl isobutyl ether.

PUM OEL  Made from vinyl methyl ether.


REPELIT  A tar acid resin made by Siemens-Schuckert

RESIN A C (22-22-1)  Made at Hüls from acetophenone, formaldehyde and methanol.

RESIN S A X (Curtis and Folger 22-22-1)  Made from styrene, acetophenone, xylene and hydrofluroboric acid.

RESINIT  A tar acid resin made at Raschig plant.

VIGOPAS  Another resin from same source.



RESOPAL  A tar acid resin made by Siemens-Schnckert.

RIZIMAL  Rizinusöl plus maleic acid anhydride.  Used as a bonding material for sandpaper

RONILLA  Polymerized styrene.

SARIN  Poison gas.

SB-SALZ  O-sulpho benzoic acid

SCHAUMPULVER I.B.  (Ref 22-23-9)

SELINON  (Ref CWS 4001)  Insecticide.

SELLOXINE   (1,13,52 etc) (Ref CWS 3992)  Material for making cloth protective against mustard gas.

SERVITAL AC CONE  (Ref CWS 3996) Lubricant for acetate silk yarn.

SERVITAL OL CONC  (Ref CWS 3996)  Textile lubricating oil.


SOLAGEN  A dryer for oils.  The manganese or cobalt salts of higher fatty acids from the Fischer-Tropsch "Kogasin".

SCHWEFELÖL  Dimethyl disulphide.


SOLVENT A  (Made at Hüls)

SOLVENT AH  (Hade at Hüls)

SOROMIN FFB  Polyvester of adipinic acid

SOROMIN SG (Ref CWS 3996)  Stearyl poly (6molecules) glycolether.

STABILIZATOR D B G   Polymer of di isobutyl phenol and epichlorhydrins. 2  phenylindol

STYRONIL (10,20, etc)  Made from polystyne with the indicated proportion of acryl nitrite.

STYRONAL B  (10,20, etc)  Mixed polymer from styrene and indicated proportion of maleic acid butyl ester.

SULFAKTHAN The methyl oxyethyl amide of methane sulphonic acid.

T STOFF  German name for concentrated H2O2 (82%)

*Other code name for 80-86% H2O

TANNING CHEMICALS Gerbstoff G, Tanigan U N

TANIGAN EXTRA  A tanning material produced by condensing di-oxydiphenysylphone with ligninsulpho acid and formaldehyde.

TANIGAN (SK SK7 HN G GB etc) (Ref CWS 4004)  Tanning agents.

TARBUN  (Trilon or T-83)  Poison gas

TEDESCAN  A lac made from abietic acid B powder, maleic acid hydrate and pentaerythrite.


TEXTILVEREDLUNGSMITTEL MA 424  46% of a condensation product of 1 mol of malamine with 4 mols of formaldehyde and 1/3 mol of triethanolamine.  54% water

THIODIPHERYLAMIN S  Crude phenothiazin.


TORALIT SM 18  Styrene, methyl, acrylate and acrylate and acrylic acid polymer.

TRIPEN  (Ref CWS 3994)  Hexachlorbutene.

TROLIT  (Ref CWS 3937)  A molding powder made from cellulose acetate and a plasticizer such as dimethyl phthalate.

TYLOSE (Ref CWS 3996)  Cellulose -O-CH2COONa.  Same as Coloresin.


URESIN B    Plasticizer for nitrocellulose, made from urethane and formaldehyde.

VB-EMULSION 1/1  Made from a 1 to 1 mixture of vinyl acetate and acrylic acid butyl ester.

VESDICKUNGSMITTEL T 724  Made from vinyl methyl ether plus vinyl octodecyl ether.

VINIDUR Polyvinyl chloride without plasticizers..

VINOFLEX  Same as Igelit PC, i.e., highly chlorinated (65%) polyvinyl chloride.  Used in making non-flammable lacquers.

VINOFLEX S  A relatively low molecular weight not rechlorinated polyvinyl chloride.  Same as Igelit PCU except less polymerized.

VISCOL S Na  Sodium salt of Viscol S.

VISCOL S NH4  The ammonium salt of Viscol S.

WACKER 83 Insecticide containing copper and fine sulphur.

WASHING CHEMICALS  Kalunit A,B, etc.  Lu 3/115A, Igepal Na, etc.

WEICHLARZ XF A condensation product of xylol and formaldehyde


WEICHMACHER 77  Thiodiglycolic acid dibutyl ester.

WEICHMACHUNGSMITTEL 102 and 102a    From glycose and burylene glycol..

WETTING AGENT 2406  (Ref CWS 3996)  Wetting agent used with insecticides.  Tri-isobutyl-beta naththyl polymerized with 10 molecules of glycol ether.

WOFATIT KN  A water softener made from "aldehyd disäure"

X-STOFF (Ref CWS 3997)  Tetranitro methane

X F S HARZ  Condensation product of xylene benzosulphamide and formaldehyde.

Z-STOFF  (Ref CWS 3922)  Sodium or calcium permanganate.