Bureau of Mines




488 The Isosynthesis
504 Fluid Flow Through Packed and Fluidized Systems - 1951
528 Bibliography of Bureau of Mines Investigations of Coal and Its Products, 1945 to 1950
544 Bibliography of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis and Related Processes
568 Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Oil-Recycle Process
578 Synthetic Liquid From Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide
580 Physical Chemistry of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis 
598 Kinetics of the Reactions of Carbon Dioxide and Steam with Coke
600 The Chemistry and Catalytic Properties of Cobalt and Iron Carbonyls
612 Carbides, Nitrides, and the Carbonitrides of Iron as Catalysts in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
614 Kinetics of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis on Iron Catalysts
628 Sulfur Poisoning of Fixed Beds of Iron Catalysts in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis - 1976
634 Analytical Methods in Mass Spectrometry - 1967