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CIOS Item No. 30
File No. XXXI-23

Frankfurt Am Main

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Section 1
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  1. Investigation Procedure

  2. Ownership of Metallgesellschaft-Lurgi

  3. Japanese Relationships

Section 2
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  1. German Oil Developments

  2. Fischer-Tropsch

Section 3
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  1. Carbonization

    1. Spülgas Process Cold Extraction Methods for Tar Refining.

    2. Low-Temperature Carbonization  by Indirect Heating.

Section 4
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  1. High-Pressure Gasification

Section 5
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Oxygen Production

  1. Synthetic Lubricating Oils

  2. Paraffin - Wax Oxidation

  3. Miscellaneous Research

  4. Patent Activities

  5. Recommendations

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Appendix A. - Organization of Lurgi Companies

Appendix B. - Laboratories of Metallgesellschaft

Appendix C  - Recent Patent Applications of possible interest to the Petroleum Industry

Appendix D.  - Documents and Papers