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File No. XXXII-68

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The Manufacture and Application of 
Lubricants in Germany

Table of Contents

Section 1
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  1. Introduction

  2. Commercial Supply and Composition of German Lubricating Oils

  3. Lubricating Oils from Petroleum

  4. Mixed Polymerization Process Applied to Lubricating Oils from Petroleum

  5. The TTH Process for Lubricating Oil Manufacture

Section 2
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  1. Synthesis of  Lubricants by Polymerization of Olefins using Aluminum Chloride

    1. Ethylene Polymers as Lubricating Oils

    2. Manufacture of Ethylene Polymers

Section 3
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    1. Polymerization of Higher Olefins

  1. Synthesis of Lubricants by Condensation of Aromatics and Paraffins

  2. Esters as Lubricating Oil components

    1. Development and Application

    2. Manufacture of Esters

  3. Other Synthetic Lubricating Oils

Section 4
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  1. Additives to Lubricating Oils

    1. Oxidation Inhibitors

    2. Corrosion Inhibitors

    3. Extreme Pressure Additives

    4. Pour Point Depressors

    5. Viscosity Index Enhancers

    6. The Principle of Two phase Lubricants

  2. Lubricating Greases

  3. Conclusion

Appendix I - The Manufacture of Ethylene from Ethane