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    Early in 1945 a group of petroleum and fuel technologists from both England and the United States investigated the present status of oil technology and research in Germany.  this mission was carried out under the sponsorship of C.I.O.S. (Combined Intelligence  Objectives Subcommittee) and with cooperation of the British and American Armies in the European Theater of Operations.

    The investigation consisted of:  (1) examination of synthetic-oil, refining, and other plants related to production of petroleum products as previously outlined in a target list, (2) interrogation of German technical and administrative personnel connected with these plants, and  (3) capture and examination of records, reports, and other documents relating to this industry.

    One of the leading processes used in Germany and in a few other countries for manufacture of synthetic oil from coal is the Fischer-Tropsch plants, except some in the Russian-occupied area, has been completed and the interrogation of personnel has also been largely finished, and preliminary reports, based entirely on these two types of information source, have been received in this country.

    In addition, copies of some of the captured documents relating to Fischer-Tropsch have been received in America, thereby supplementing information available in the preliminary C.I.O.S. reports.

    Despite the fact that copies of most of the Fischer-Tropsch documents captured in Germany have not yet arrived in this country for examination, and that some of the preliminary C.I.O.S. reports are still missing, it was deemed advisable to release a summary of the information now at hand for the use of American petroleum companies and other interested industries.  In other words, it was considered preferable to issue a preliminary and somewhat incomplete report quickly rather than wait for preparation of a complete and final report at some indefinite date in the  future.  It is planned to issue a supplementary report at a time when all pertinent German documents and C.I.O.S. reports have been examined and studied.

    Much of the information contained in this preliminary summary report on the  Fischer-Tropsch process has been copied directly from certain given in those reports that could not be included.  For this reason, arrangements are being made for distribution on a restricted basis of copies of C.I.O.S. reports as well as copies of the original captured German documents listed under "Bibliography" in this summary report.

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