The Leuna Factory of the I.G.Farbenindustrie A.G.

situated near Merseberg, is the biggest heavy chemical

plant in Germany and produces a very wide range of

products, mainly based on hydrogen or hydrogen and carbon

monoxide. Its principal products are ammonia, synthetic

petrol derived from the hydrogenation of brown coal,

amd synthetic alcohols made from hydrogen and carbon


The plant was first visited on the 21st April 1945

by a team including E.Cotton, V.Haensel, E.B.Peck,

H.Hollings, J.F.Ellis and H.G.Simpson. It was again

visited on the 8th –24th May 1945, by a combined British

and American team consisting of R.Holroyd, M.A.G.Banks,

D.A.Howes, A.J.V.Underwood, R.A.Taylor, W.F.Faragher,

H.Schindler and J.G.Allen. This team was later joined

By J.F.Ellis and R.J.Morley.

A third visit with particular reference to catalyst

Manufacture was made by W.F.Faragher and W.A.Horne and

the notes of these latest investigators have been taken

Into account in preparing the report.