1st Visit April 21st 26th 1945


                        Lt.Col. H.Hollings.                     )

                        Major J.F.Ellis                                      )           British

                        Capt. H.G.Simpson.                 )                Ministry of Fuel and

                        Capt. G.U.Hopton.                  )                Power


                        Mr.E.B.Peck.                          )   

                        Mr.P.K.Kuhne                         )                U.S. Petroleum

                        Mr.H.M.Weir                                    )                Administration for War.

                        Mr.V.Haensel                                    )

                        Mr.E.Cotton                            )          

                        Mr.L.L. Hirst                             )            U.S. Bureau of

                        Mr.W.W.Odell                         )            Mines.

 2nd Visit            May 8th 24th 1945

                         Lt.Col. R.Holroyd                      )        

                        Major M.A.G.Banks                 )            British

                        Major D.A. Howes                   )            Ministry of Fuel and

                        Major A.J.V.Underwood        )            Power

                        Major R.A.Taylor                     )        

                        Major R.J.Morley                     )

                        Major J.F.Ellis                                      )


                        Mr.W.F.Faragher                     )            U.S. Petroleum

                        Mr.J.G.Allen                              )            Administration for War

                        Mr.H.Schindler                          )


Amongst those visiting the plant later, the following

Submitted notes for inclusion in the present report:


                        Mr.W.A.Horne                         )            U.S. Petroleum

                        Mr.J.P.Jones                              )            Administration for War.


Although not a member of any visiting team, Dr.H.Clough

(British) has made a valuable contribution to the above

report by studying evacuated document  and by his

assistance in editing the final document.