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1997 Conference Proceedings. Coal Liquefaction & Solid Fuels Contractors Review Conference.

Table of Contents

Indirect Liquefaction

Natural Gas to Liquids: An Overview 135kb
Venkataraman, Venkat K. and Driscoll, Daniel J.
U.S. Department of Energy/FETC
A Novel Configuration for Co-Producing Fischer-Tropsch Fuels and Electric Power from Coal and Natural Gas 332kb
Gray, David and Tomlinson, Glen
Mitretek Systems
Design/Economics of a Once-Through Natural Gas Fischer-Tropsch Plant with Power Co-Production 135kb
Choi, Gerald N.; Kramer, Sheldon J.; and Tam, Samuel S.
Bechtel National, Incorporated
Carr, Norman L. and Wilson, Geoffrey R.
Syncrude Technology, Incorporated
Fox, Joe M.
Fischer-Tropsch Run III at the LaPorte Alternative Fuels Development Unit 75kb
Bhatt, Bharat L.; Heydorn, Edward C.; and Tijm, Peter J. A.
Air Products and Chemicals, Incorporated
Stiegel, Gary
U.S. Department of Energy/FETC
Mahagaokar, Uday
Shell, SSFI, Houston
Hoek, Arend
Shell, SRTCA, Amsterdam
Technology Development for Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts 72kb
Davis, Burton H.; O'Brien, Robert J.; Raje, Ajoy; Spicer, Robert L.; Xu, Liguang,
Bao, Shiqi; and Lambert, Scott
CAER/University of Kentucky
Effects of Slurry Composition on the Reaction Rate of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis 160kb
Marano, John J.
Burns and Roe Services Corporation
Gormley, Robert J.
U.S. Department of Energy/FETC
Characterization of Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts 229kb
Datye, Abhaya K.; Mansker, Linda D.; and Jin, Yaming
Center for Microengineered Materials, University of New Mexico
Estimation of Surface Site Density on Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts by Means of a Test Reaction 152kb
McDonald, Mark A.; Gormley, Robert J.; and Zarochak, Michael F.
U.S. Department of Energy/FETC
Deffenbach, Paul W.
Parsons Power
Progress in Development of LPDME Process: Kinetics and Catalysts 77kb
Peng, X. D.; Toseland, B. A.; Wang, A. W.; and Parris, G. E.
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Catalyst Development for Isobutanol Synthesis 79kb
Iglesia, Enrique; Xu, Mingting; Gines, Marcel J. L.; and Hilmen, Anne-Mette
University of California at Berkeley
Production of Middle Distillates 178kb
Taylor, Charles E.; Anderson, Richard R.; D'Este, Joseph R; and Noceti, Richard P.
U.S. Department of Energy/FETC
Synthesis of Vinyl Acetate Monomer from Synthesis Gas 85kb
Tustin, Gerald C.; Colberg, Richard D.; and Zoeller, Joseph R.
Eastman Chemical Company
Synthesis of Methyl Methacrylate from Coal-Derived Syngas 257kb
Spivey, James J. and Gogate, Makarand R.
Research Triangle Institute
Zoeller, Joseph R and Colberg, Richard D.
Eastman Chemical Company
Choi, Gerald N. and Tam, Samuel
Progress in Understanding the Fluid Dynamics of Bubble Column Reactors 139kb
Dudukovic, Milorad ; S. Degaleesan, P. Gupta; Chen, J.; and Al-Dahhan, M.
Washington University
Toseland, B. A. and Bhatt, B. L.
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Progress in Understanding the Fluid Dynamics of Bubble Column Reactors - II 152kb
Fan, L. S.; Luo, X; Lin, T. S.; Chen, Q.; and Lee, D. J.
Ohio State University
Experimental Characterization of Slurry Bubble-Column Reactor Hydrodynamics 57kb
Shollenberger, Kim A.; Torczynski, John R.; O'Hern, Timothy J.
Advanced Energy Technology Center, Sandia National Laboratories
Progress in Development of Ultrasonic Probe Technique for Hydrodynamic Characterization 144kb
Soong, Y.; Gamwo, I. K.; Harke, F. W.; Blackwell, A. G.; Ladner, E. P.; and
Zarochak, M. F.
U.S. Department of Energy/FETC