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Historical Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis/Process


Chair: S. C. LeViness
Syntroleum Coporation

Vice-Chair: E. L. Koper
Sasol Technology


AIChE 2003 Spring National Meeting – New Orleans, LA.

 3rd Topical Conference on Natural Gas Utilization

Chair/Organizer: Richard G. Mallinson – University of Oklahoma


Session 80:  Historical Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis/Process – I


Paper/Presentation 80a:  Anthony N. Stranges (Texas A&M Unversity), “Germany’s Synthetic Fuel Industry 1927-45”

Abstract               Paper                Presentation

Paper/Presentation 80b:  Burtron H. Davis (CAER, University of Kentucky), “An Overview of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis at the U.S. Bureau of Mines”

Abstract               Paper                Presentation

Paper/Presentation 80c:  Vladimir I. Anikeev, A. Yermakova, B. L. Moroz (Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Novosibirsk), “The State of Studies of the Fischer-Tropsch Process in Russia”

Abstract              Presentation

Paper/Presentation 80d:  Anthony N. Stranges (Texas A&M University), “Synthetic Fuel Production in Prewar and World War II Japan: A Case Study in Technological Failure”

Abstract              Paper                  Presentation

Session 83:  Historical Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis/Process – II


Paper/Presentation 83a:  Mark E. Dry (University of Capetown), “Iron Catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch Process. Past, Present and Future”

Abstract            (Presentation coming soon)

Paper/Presentation 83b:  Calvin H. Bartholomew (Brigham Young University), “History of Cobalt Catalyst Design for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis”

Abstract            Paper                    Presentation

Paper/Presentation 83c:  Ben Jager (Sasol Technology), “The Development of Commercial Fischer-Tropsch Reactors”

Abstract            Paper                    Presentation

Paper/Presentation 83d:  Wolf-Dieter Deckwer (Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung), “Fifty Years of Fischer-Tropsch-Synthesis in the Slurry Phase: A Science-Historical Approach” – withdrawn due to illness.


Steve LeViness (Syntroleum Corporation), Anthony Stranges (Texas A&M University), Ed Koper (Sasol Technology), “Technical Oil Mission (TOM) Microfilm Reels – Background and New Developments”


Session 86:  Historical Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis/Process - III


Paper/Presentation 86a:  Kym Arcuri, S. C. LeViness (Syntroleum Corporation), “The Regeneration of Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts: A Historical Perspective”

Abstract            Paper                    Presentation

Paper/Presentation 86b:  Johann Richter (Supervisory Examiner, United States Patent and Trademark Office), “Examination of Inventions Based on the Fischer Tropsch Synthesis”

Abstract           Presentation

Paper/Presentation 86c:  Burtron H. Davis (CAER, University of Kentucky), “Anderson-Schulz-Flory Product Distribution - Can It Be Avoided For Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis?”

Abstract            Paper                    Presentation

Paper/Presentation 86d:  Robert Freerks (Syntroleum Corporation), “Early Efforts to Upgrade Fischer-Tropsch Reaction Products into Fuels, Lubricants, and Other Useful Materials”

Abstract           Paper                     Presentation