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T. O. M. Microfilm Reel 241

(Original designation BM-28)



Manual of the gas industry (“Handbuch der Gasindustrie”).


Volume I. 

    A.    Introduction and Table of Contents.  11 pages.

  1. Part I.  Bases of degassing and coke formation (“Grundlagen der Entgasung und Koksbildung”).  By. Dr.-Ing. Horst Bruckner.  23 pages.
  2. Part II.  Char (“Die Kohlen”).  By Operations Director Franz Reichard.  61 pages.
  3. Part III.  Horizontal chamber furnaces (“Horizontalkammerofen”).  Bt Prof. Heinrich Hock.  97 pages.
  4. Part IV.  The diagonal chamber furnaces (“Der Scragkammerofen”).  By Dr.-Ing. E. h. Bernhard Ludwig.  83 pages.
  5. Part V.  Gas production vertical chamber furnaces (“Gaserzeugungsofen Vertikalofen”).  By Dr.-Ing. Fritz Wehrmann.  104 pages.
  6. Part VI.  Small space furnaces (“Kleinraumofen”).  By Senior Engineer Ludwig Rodde.  135 pages.
  7. Part VII.  Coke cooling and processing (“Kokskuhlung, Koksaufbereitung”).  By. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Wehrmann.  45 pages.
  8. Part VIII.  Regulations for achievements and proof there-of at gas production furnaces (“Regeln fur Gewahrleistungen und deren Nachweis an Gaserzeugungsofen”).  Anonymous.  11 pages.
  9. Index (“Sachverzeichnis”).  6 pages.


Volume II.


  1. Introduction and Table of Contents.  6 pages.
  2. Part I.  Generators for air and water gas (“Generatoren fur Luft- und Wassergas”).  By Dr.-Ing. Fritz Wehrmann.  183 pages.
  3. Part II.  Synthesis, brown coal, and peat gases (“Synthese-, Braunkohlen- und Torfgase”).  By Dr.-Ing. habil. Horst Bruckner.  87 pages.
  4. Part III.  Double gas generator (“Doppelgaserzeuger”).  By Dr.-Ing. Fritz Wehrmann.  21 pages.
  5. Index (“Sachverzeichnis”).  3 pages.


Volume III.  Gas cleanup and by-product production (“Gasreinigung und Nebenproduktengedwinnung”).


  1. Introduction and Table of Contents.  12 pages.
  2. Part I.  Gas production, gas cooling, and tar separation (“Gasforderung, Gaskuhlung und Teerscheidung”).  By Dr.-Ing. Fritz Wehrmann.  115 pages.
  3. Part II.  Gas cleanup and by-product production (“Gasreinigung und Nebenproduktengewinnung”).  By Dr. phil. Theo Payer and Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Braun. 
    1. Washing ammonia and its processing (“Auswaschung des Ammoniaks und seine Verarbeitung.  79 pages.
    2. Separation of hydrogencyanide and its processing.  (“Abscheidung des Cyanwasserstoffs auf seine Verarbeitung”).  28 pages.
    3. Benzine recovery and processing (“Benzolgewinnung und Benzolaufarbeitung”).   120 pages.
    4. Sulphur purification and production (“Schwefelreinigung und Schwefelgewinnung”).  75 pages.
    5. Tar processing (“Teeraufarbeitung”).  14 pages.
    6. Guidelines for the guarantees and proof there-of for gas cleanup and by-product plants (“Richtlinien fur die Gewahrleistungen und deren Nachweis as Gasreinigungs- und Nebenproduktenanlagen”).  8 pages.
    7. Bibliography (“Schrifttum”).  9 pages.
  4. Part III.  Fine cleaning (purification) of town gas (“Feinreinigung von Stadtgas”).  By Dr.-Ing. Horst Bruckner.  71 pages.
  5. Part IV.  Decontamination of town gas (carbon monoxide removal (?)) (“Entgiftung des Stadtgas (Kohlenoxydentfernung)”).  By Dr. techn. Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Schuster.  49 pages.
  6. Part V.  Waste water purification (phenol removal ?) (“Abwasserreinigung (Entphenolung)”).   By Dr.-Ing. habil. Horst Bruckner.  46 pages.
  7. Index (“Sachverzeichnis”).  4 pages.


Volume VI.  Technical gases and their characteristics (“Technische Gase und deren Eigenschaften”).


  1. Introduction and Table of Contents.  10 pages.
  2. Part I.  Gas Tables - physical, thermodynamic and fuel-technical characteristics of gases and other fuels (“Gastafeln – physikalische, thermodynamische und brenntechnische Eigenschaften der Gase und sonstigen Brennstoffe”).  By Dr.-Ing. Horst Bruckner. 
    1. Physical characteristics (“Physikalische Eigenschaften”).  39 pages.
    2. Thermodynamic characteristics (“Thermodynamische Eigenschaften”).  52 pages. 
    3. Fuel-technical characteristics (“Brenntechnische Eigenschaften”).  41 pages.
    4. Auxiliary tables (“Hilfstafeln”).  15 pages.
  3. Part II.  Other technical gases (“Sonstige Technische Gase”).  By Dr.-Ing. Horst Bruckner.  126 pages.  Section is incomplete – section is described as at least 197 pages in internal table of contents.  This document is also not continued on the next T.O.M. reel in this series – reel 242, which was originally reel BM-29.