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1945 – 1946


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The U.S. Naval Technical Mission to Japan was established on 14 August 1945.  The purpose of this organization was:


“... to survey all Japanese scientific and technological developments of interest to the Navy and Marine Corps in the Japanese Islands of KYUSHU, SHIKOKU, HONSHU, HOKKAIDO; in China; and in Korea south of latitude 38ºN.  This involved the seizure of intelligence material, its examination and study, the interrogation of personnel, and finally, the preparation of reports which would appraise the technological status of the Japanese Navy and Japanese industry. “1


Between September 1945 and November 1946, the Naval Technical Mission operated in Japan under the direction of the Chief of Mission, Captain Clifford G. Grimes, USN.  During this period a total of 655 officers and men served with the organization.  185 separate reports were published on various aspects of Japanese naval equipment and other technical developments of naval interest.


Although it was reported that 500 copies of each report were prepared, these documents are now rare.  In the light of the extensive interest in the series by students of World War II history, it was deemed desirable to prepare the following microfilm publication.




U.S. Naval Technical Mission to Japan, History of Mission.









Reel                         Report No.              Subject                                                                                                                    No of


JM-200-A;                                     History of Mission                                                                                                                  50

                                                             Summary Report                                                                                                            458





A-11                        Aircraft Arrangements and Handling Facilities on Japanese Naval Vessels                       50

                              A-39                        Japanese Naval Photography                                                                                         65





D-11(E-3)               Japanese Navy League                                                                                                23

D-11(E-8)               Gakuto Kaiyo Kai Sea Students Association                                                                  11





JM-200-B               E-01                        Japanese Submarines                                                                                                  86

E-02                        Japanese Airborne Radar                                                                                           38

                              E-03                        Japanese Land Based Radar                                                                                      88

                              E-04                        Japanese Centimeter Wave Techniques                                                                      14

                              E-05                        Japanese Radio and Radar Direction Finders                                                              22

                              E-06                        Electronics Targets  Japanese Anti-Radar Coverings                                                  13

E-07                        Japanese Radar Counter-measures and Visual Signal Display Equipment                      22

                              E-08                        Japanese Radio Equipment                                                                                         14

                              E-09                        Japanese Navigational Aids                                                                                        17

                              E-10                        Japanese Sonar and Asdic                                                                                          70

E-11                        Japanese Communication Systems                                                                               6

E-12                        Japanese Experimental Radar                                                                                     43

E-13                        Japanese Electronic Tubes                                                                                          39

E-14                        Japanese Magnetic Airborne Detector                                                                         38

E-15                        Power Supplies for Japanese Electronics                                                                    13

E-16                        Japanese Antennae                                                                                                  37

E-17                        Japanese Radio, Radar, and Sonar Equipment                                                            14

E-18                        Japanese Radio Apparatus Construction Methods                                                      12

E-19                        Japanese Electronic Equipment Construction Materials                                              16

E-20                        Japanese R. F. Transmission Lines, Wave Guides, Wave Guide Fittings, and               16

Dielectric Materials

E-22                        Japanese Radio Frequency Measuring Technique                                                       25

E-23                        Japanese Insulation Materials                                                                                    11

E-26                        Japanese Electronic Harbor Protection Equipment                                                      35

E-28                        Japanese Electronics-General                                                                                   54

E-29                        Japanese Electronics Training and Operating Techniques                                           28

E-30(N)                   Japanese Electronics, Miscellaneous                                                                         22





JM-200-C               M-AA                     Organization, Administration, and Facilities of the IJN Medical Corps                      95

M-AB                     References from the Committee for the   Technical and Scientific Survey of          283

                                Japanese Activities in Medical Sciences

M-C                        Japanese Chemical Warfare                                                                                 24

M-D                        Neuropsychiatry in the Japanese Armed Forces                                                    26

M-E                         Rehabilitation in the Japanese Navy                                                                     22

M-I                          General Medical Statistics Japanese Army and Navy                                            15

M-01                       Data Relative to Life in the Jungle and on Sea Islands and Data on                        19

                                Composition of Insecticides

M-02                       Dentistry in the Japanese Armed Forces                                                              18

M-03                       Podiatry in the Japanese Navy                                                                            12

M-04                       Information Relative to Venereal Disease Control in Japan                                   18

M-05                       Japanese Bacteriological Warefare                                                                       6

M-06                       Aero, Surface, and Submarine Medicine and Research in the Japanese Navy        75

M-07                       Opportunity for Infection of Navy Personnel with Tuberculosis in Japan                12

M-09                       Preventive Medicine and Public Health Organization and Facilities in the               23

                                Japanese Navy

M-10                       Bacteriology and Chemistry in the Japanese Navy                                                 17

M-11                       General Medicine and Special Diseases in the Japanese Navy                                18

M-12                       Pharmacology and Marlariology in Japan Civilian and Naval                                   121





JM-200-D               0-01-1                     Japanese Torpedoes and Tubes-Article 1, Ship and Kaiten Torpedoes                    446

                              0-01-2                     Japanese Torpedoes and Tubes-Article 2, Aircraft Torpedoes                                 61

0-01-3                     Japanese Torpedoes and Tubes-Article 3, Above-Water Tubes                               20

0-02                         Japanese Guided Missiles                                                                                     28

0-03                         Countermeasures and Defensive Organization of Japanese Against U.S. Mines       85

0-04                         Japanese Mines                                                                                                    42

0-05                         Japanese Naval Mining Organization and Operational Techniques                            35

0-06                         Japanese Bomb Disposal Methods                                                                          18

0-07                         Ship Signatures and Related Data                                                                           12

JM-200-E               0-08                         Japanese Depth Charges                                                                                        14

0-09                         Japanese Naval Rockets                                                                                         10

0-10-1                     Japanese Propellants- Article 1, Use and Manufacture of Ortho Tolyl                         17

                                                                Urethane for Stabilizing Rocket and Gun Propellants                            

0-10-2                     Japanese Propellants- Article 2, Rocket and Gun Propellants-General                          12

0-10-3                     Japanese Propellants- Article 3, Research on Non-Volatile Solvent Powders                43

0-11                         Japanese Illuminating and Colored Burst Projectiles                                                   12

0-12                         Japanese Pyrotechnics                                                                                             28

0-14                         Japanese Navy Ammunition Cases for 5CM and Larger Caliber Guns                        17

0-15                         Japanese Steel Manufacturing Methods                                                                    21

0-16                         Japanese Heavy Armor                                                                                           57

0-17                         Japanese Naval Projectile Fuzes                                                                              82

                              0-18                         Japanese Ordance Fuzes                                                                                         25

                              0-19                         Japanese Projectiles General Types                                                                         70

0-20                         Japanese Ammunition Primers                                                                                17

0-21                         Japanese Interior Ballistics                                                                                      17

0-22                         Japanese Tracers                                                                                                   19

0-23                         Japanese Bombs                                                                                                    69

0-24                         Description and Operation of Japanese Type 3 Photoelectric Fuse                             21

0-25                         Japanese Explosives                                                                                               28

0-26                         Japanese Navy Powder Bags                                                                                  6

0-27                         Japanese Indendiary Mixtures                                                                                13

0-29                         Japanese Fire Control                                                                                            39

0-30                         Japanese Anti-Aircraft Fire Control                                                                      133

JM-200-F               0-31                         Japanese Surface and General Fire Control                                                             64

                              0-32                         Japanese Torpedo Fire Control                                                                              41

                              0-35                         Japanese Demolition Methods                                                                               30

0-36-1                     Japanese Light Armor-Article 1                                                                             79

0-36-2                     Japanese Light Armor-Article 2                                                                             12

0-38                         Japanese Ordnance  Research Testing, and Training                                              27

0-39-1                     Japanese Ordnance  Research-Article 1, Gun-fire Testing of Bombs at the              15

Kamegakubi Naval Proving Ground      

                              0-39-2                     Japanese Ordnance  Research-Article 2, Experimental Research on Super              37

                                 High Velocity Guns and Projectiles

                              0-39-3                     Japanese Ordnance  Research-Article 3-Torpedo Models                                       26

                              0-39-4                     Japanese Ordnance Research-Article 4, Laboratory Procedures                             13

0-41                         Japanese Research in Airborne Acoustics and Earthwaves                                    16

0-42                         Japanese Ordnance Equipment Internal Recorders, Wave and Tide Meters,           11

                                Torpedo Recovery Gear, Underwater Locators

0-44                         Effectiveness of Japanese AA Fire                                                                      16

0-45(N)                   Japanese 18” Gun Mounts                                                                                    62

0-47(N)-1                Japanese Naval Guns and Mounts-Article 1, Mounts Under 18”                             77

0-47(N)-2                Japanese Naval Guns and Mounts-Article 2, AA Machine Guns and Mounts           97

0-48(N)                   Japanese Fuse-Setting Equipment                                                                          8

0-49(N)                   Japanese Muzzle Brakes and Flash Hiders                                                            17

0-50(N)                   Japanese Shipboard Rocket Launchers                                                                 14

0-53(N)                   Hydraulic Pumps in Japanese Naval Ordnance                                                     16

0-54(N)                   Japanese Naval Guns                                                                                          49

0-55(N)                   Defense of Tsushima and Entrance to Sea of Japan                                              16

0-56(N)                   Japanese Field and Amphibious Equipment Kyushu Defense                                 79






JM-200-G               S-01-1                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 1 – Submarines                         36

S-01-2                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 2, Surface Warship                    31

                                 Machinery Design

S-01-3                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 3, Surface Warship Hull            63


S-01-4                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 4, Surface Warship                   84

S-01-5                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 5, Shipboard                             392

                                Electrical Equipment

S-01-6                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 6, Submarines,                            25

                                Supplement 1

S-01-7                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 7, Submarines,                          229

                                Supplement II

JM-200-H               S-01-8                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 8, Portable Gasoline                   13

                                Driven Pump Unit

S-01-9                     Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 9, Underwater                          318


S-01-10                   Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 10, Landing  Craft                      39

S-01-11                   Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 11, Main and                              33

                                Auxililary Machinery

S-01-12                   Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 12, Boilers and                         109


S-01-13                   Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels-Article 13, Gas Turbines                        32

S-02                        Japanese Suicide Craft                                                                                          48

S-03                        Photographs of Important Japanese Naval Units Afloat                                           57

S-06-1                     Reports of Damage to Japanese Warships-Article 1, NAGATO (BB),                     79


S-06-2                     Reports of Damage to Japanese Warships-Article 2, YAMATO(BB),                      35

                                MUSASHI(BB), TAIHO(CV), SHINANO(CV)

S-06-3                     Reports of Damage to Japanese Warships-Article 3, Japanese Records of                 32                                                  Major Warship Losses

S-11                        Survey of Operable or Salvable Japanese Merchant Vessels                                     53

JM-200-I                S-12                        General Arrangement and Capacity Plans of Japanese Standard Type                       12

                                Merchant Ships

S-17                        Japanese Submarine Operations                                                                            196

S-19                        Japanese Submarine Equipment                                                                              13

S-24                        Japanese Anti-Submarine Warefare                                                                        57

S-28                        Japanese Minesweeping Gear and Equipment                                                          88

S-37                        Japanese Degaussing                                                                                             73

S-40                        Japanese Ships, Miscellaneous Items                                                                       11

S-42                        Japanese Navy Diesel Engines                                                                                52

S-43                        Japanese Naval Vessels Own Ship’s Noise                                                              17

S-59                        Japanese Navy Paints                                                                                             32

S-81(N)                   Welding in Japanese naval Construction                                                                   54

S-82(N)                   Provisions for Military Conversion of Japanese Merchant Ships                                 28

S-83(N)                   Japanese Model Basins                                                                                           46

S-84(N)                   Japanese Damage Control                                                                                      17

S-91(N)                   The Fukuryu Special Harbor Defense and Underwater Attack Unit Tokyo Bay         19

S-92(N)                   Lead-Acid StorageBatteries used by the Japanese Navy                                          21

S-93(N)                   Tenth Military Experimental Station Murotsu, Honshu, Japan                                    33

S-94(N)                   Japanese Evaluation of U.S. Anti-Submarine Harbor Defenses                                11

S-95(N)                   Woods, Textiles, Rubber, and Plastics used in Japanese Naval Vessels                     16

S-96(N)                   Japanese Deck Coverings                                                                                      11

S-97(N)                   Japanese Anchors and Anchor Chain                                                                     12

S-98(N)                   Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Allied Offensive Mining Operations Against         42

                                Japanese Shipping in Chinese and Southwest Pacific Waters





JM-200-J                X-01                        Physical Chemistry Research in Japan                                                                   12

X-02-1                    Japanese Infra-Red Devices-Article 1, Control for Guided Missiles                           36

X-02-2                    Japanese Infra-Red Devices-Article 2, Heat Locator Equipment                               47

X-02-3                    Japanese Infra-Red  Devices-Article 3, Research, Development,                            117

                                and Manufacture of Infra-Red Equipment

X-03                        Japanese Ultra-Violet Communication Equipment                                                   24

X-05                        Japanese Optics                                                                                                   61

X-06                        Japanese Geophysical Research                                                                            27

X-11                        Japanese Chemical Warfare                                                                                 29

X-12                        Earthquake Resistant Construction in Japan                                                           31

X-13-1                     Japanese Metallurgy-Article 1, High Temperature Alloys for Gas Turbines,             17

                                 Rocket Nozzles and Lines

X-13-2                     Japanese Metallurgy-Article 2, Recovery of Alumonum from Clay and                   15


X-13-3                     Japanese Metallurgy-Article 3, Atomic Structure Relative to Dynamic                    19


X-14                        Quality of Japanese Electric Wires and Cables                                                      27

X-16                        Japanese Aerology                                                                                               15

X-17                        Japanese Meteorological Instruments                                                                    14

X-18-1                     Japanese Hydrography-Article 1, Organization, Operation and Methods                 101

X-18-2                     Japanese Hydrography-Operation and Method Weather Data Including                   11

                                 High Altitude Radar Maps

X-18-3                    Japanese Hydrography-Article 3, Wartime Activities of International Latitude           31

                                 Observatory Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

X-20                        Fungus, Moisture-Proofing and Anti-Fungus Data                                                    5

X-21                        Japanese Use of Balloons for Barrage, Bombing and Aerology                                 6

X-28-1                     Atomic Bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki-Article 1, Medical Effects                        77

X-28-2                     Atomic Bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki-Article 2, Medical Effects,                       21

                                  Supplementary Studies

X-29                        Bombing Effects of Normal Bombs in Japan                                                           5

X-31                        Bombproof Construction in Japan                                                                          55

JM-200-K               X-32                        Camouflage of Japanese Ships and Naval Installations                                           67

X-33                        Design of Japanese Structures                                                                              84

X-34(N)                   Magnetic Development in Japan during World War II                                            65

X-35(N)                   Japanese Metallurgical Specifications, Iron and Steel, Special Steels,                      22

                                 Special Non-Ferrous Alloys

X-36(N)                  Japanese Welding Standards                                                                                15

                              X-37(N)                  Japanese methods of High Frequency Induction Heating and Melting                      23

                              X-38(N)-1               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 1, Fuel and Lubricant Technology                96

                              X-38(N)-2               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 2, Naval Research on Aviation                   452


JM-200-L               X-38(N)-3               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 3, Naval Research on Alcohol Fuel           185

                              X-38(N)-4               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 4, Pine Root Oil Program                         205

X-38(N)-5               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 5, Research on Rocket Fuels of the          115

                                 Hydrogen Peroxide-Hydrazine Type

X-38(N)-6               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 6, Research on Diesel and Boiler              141

                                 Fuels at the First Naval Depot, Ofuna

X-38(N)-7               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 7, Progress in the Synthesis of Liquid        340

                                 Fuels from Coal

JM-200-M              X-38(N)-8               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 8, Naval research on Lubricants                463

X-38(N)-9               Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 9, Fundamental Hydrocarbon Research     103

X-38(N)-10             Japanese Fuels and Lubricants-Article 10, Miscellaneous Oil Technology               89

                                 and Refining Installations

X-39(N)                  Miscellaneous Reports of Various Japanese Naval Research Activities                115

X-40(N)                  Oceanography in Japan                                                                                       71